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Peter Radovich, Jr. currently serves as the Creative Director of CBS Sports and Coordinating Producer of “Inside the NFL” on Showtime. In his role as Creative Director at CBS Sports, Pete is responsible for the CBS Sports on-air look, image and graphic style. In the past several years, he has directed music videos for CBS’s coverage of the Super Bowl and Final Four, featuring various musical artists Jay-Z, Queen, Green Day and P-Diddy.During the NFL season, Pete produces “Inside the NFL,” the weekly NFL highlight show on Showtime which is currently the longest-running show on cable television.Additionally, Pete recently won a News Emmy for producing his first-ever “60 Minutes” story, “Football Island” with corespondent, Scott Pelley and won three Emmys for directing his first-ever documentary, “A Game of Honor”, including the Emmy for Outstanding Sports Documentary. In his 17-year television career, Peter Radovich, Jr. has won 28 Emmys in 15 different categories, including a run of 16 Emmys over the last six years. He is the winner of News Emmy for producing his first-ever “60 Minutes” stor and a winner of 28 Emmys in 15 different categories.

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It’s an old game. New Business.
The field, the game, the rules – nothing has changed. The field is the same size, same rules, same number of players, but the business around the game has changed more in the last 5 years, than in the last 100 years. Super Bowl is the greatest example of how business around the game is changing more than ever in the history of professional sports. There is so much happening around the game, you forget about the game itself. That’s how Super Bowl became the most expensive and the most watched television event with over 160 million viewers in 2016.

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