Meet this year's speakers

Leading thinkers, scientists, businessmen and policymakers from around the world will lead interesting lectures and discussions on major trends, innovations and issues in the business market

James A. Robinson

Chicago University Professor and co-author of the hard hitting book, Why Nations Fail

Choong-Luen Lien

Engagement Manager at McKinsey and Company, Singapore

Felix Winnekens

Associate Director - Sovereign Ratings CEE / EMEA at S&P Global Ratings

Kresimir Marusic

Managing Director, US Head of Financial Planning and Stress Testing, Deutsche Bank, New York, NY

Sinan Masovic

Co-Founder, Zizooboats

Morena Simatic

COO, Bellabeat

Mato Njavro

NEBF Chairman, ZSEM Professor

Pete Radovich

Director and producer, CBS

Tracy Gray

Founder and Managing Partner of The 22 Capital Group