Nenad Bakić

nenad bakic

Nenad Bakić is entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist. He has background in Mathematics, Internet, Human Resources and Finance. Serial entrepreneur – founded several online and human resources services businesses. In 2007 sold job site MojPosao in the largest internet-related transaction in the region. Current businesses include HR services and temporary employment companies in the region. Activist value investor in public companies listed on the ZSE and an angel investor. A standing member of the jury for EY Entrepreneur of the Year. Founded and finances an NGO IRIM, operating in Croatia through a movement Croatian Makers, devoted to developing STEM education, primarily robotics and automation, in Croatia and region by donating robotics and automation equipment, and organising education and activities through a family of platforms. Through Croatian Makers League, some 1,800 robots were donated to 360+ Croatian schools and a robotics league organised. Initial financial donations and the whole know-how and franchise donation helped develop similar projects in some other countries in the region. Currently, the largest project is STEM revolution, distributing more than 20,000 micro-computers BBC micro:bits to children in Croatia, mostly funded by crowdfunding with large public support. Supports various civil sector initiatives and actively involved as opinion maker in public discussions on economic and general issues, promoting liberal democracy and free markets. Author of the blog, the most popular blog in Croatia. Married with 2 children.

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