R. James Breiding

James Breiding


R.James Breiding (born October 17,1958) is the author of ‘Swiss Made – The Untold Story behind Switzerland’s success’ (Profile Books) and co-author of ‘Wirtschaftwunder Schweiz’(NZZ). Both books achieved ‘best selling’ status. ‘Swiss Made’ has been translated by leading publishers into Chinese (Citic Press), French (Slatkine), German (NZZ), and Japanese (Nikkei BP) and is now offered by 40 Swiss embassies around the world as a diplomatic gift. Mr Breiding is a graduate of IMD Lausanne and the Harvard Kennedy School. He has been selected as a fellow by Harvard University’s Center for International Development in connection with his research on Swiss Made. His work has been widely published in publications like the Economist, the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times, etc. He worked as a chartered accountant and senior manager at Price Waterhouse Coopers; a director at NM Rothschild + Sons; and managing director at Templeton Investment. He founded, with the assistance of Sir John Templeton and other prominent investors, Naissance Capital, a Swiss ‘boutique’ Investment firm.
He holds dual American and Swiss citizenship.