Gregg Robins



Dr. Gregg S. Robins is a business and thought leader in wealth management. He has deep experience and expertise in Russian & East European markets. Currently based in Geneva, he is Managing Director, Russia & CEE, Private Investment Management, part of the Credit Andorra Financial Group. His distinguished career in corporate banking and wealth management includes Citigroup, UBP, and UBS, where he was the UBS Head of Wealth Management in Russia.

Throughout his professional career, Gregg has worked as an advisor to a number of high-profile corporations and financial institutions. His global experience is accompanied by language proficiency in Russian, Spanish, French and German. He holds a doctorate from Oxford University, where he was a Marshall Scholar. He was a recognized professor at the New York University Stern School of Business, in the Executive MBA Program, and has taught in lectured in various business schools. Gregg has written and presented extensively on the financial services industry: the author of Banking and Transition: East Germany After Unification (Macmillan Press: 2000), he has also published columns, feature interviews, and various articles in leading international business media outlets.