Erwin Hartenberg


Customer and Partner Experience Director, Microsoft Central & Eastern Europe

About Erwin

Erwin Hartenberg is responsible for the customer and partner experience in Central & Eastern Europe for Microsoft. He looks after ensuring customers get the best possible experience using Microsoft technology. He is especially keen on ensuring customers take advantage of the innovation that is out there for them to use. Erwin has been with Microsoft for almost 15 years and has worked in technical and product marketing roles in both national and international roles. Before that, he worked as a consultant advising IT organizations on how to optimize their output

Presentation topics
Why size doesn’t matter – digital technology is changing innovation
What if you had all the cutting edge digital technology available for you to apply to use how you see fit? Thanks to concepts like cloud computing, this question is no longer hypothetical but has actually become reality. You don’t have to be a big corporation or a very large country to be able to put digital technology to use and transform what you do. Anyone can do that today. But that luxury asks new questions of us – how do we free ourselves from thinking in limitations and innovate forward? Technology remains a tool, but an incredibly powerful one that can open doors that have remained closed before. I will give examples of what is possible and if I do my job well, I’ll leave you with a hunger to learn more about what you can do today.

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